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In response to the recent Vesicular Stomatitis outbreaks our chairman spoke to a local vet who is recommending that people bringing horses to the rodeo exercise caution. The vet recommended that horses not be allowed to touch noses and that you attempt to keep a distance between your horse and someone else’s horse. He also recommended that you make sure to use a good amount of fly spray to help keep the flies down. Please make sure that your kids are not sharing buckets and feed pans.

Welcome to the 82nd Annual La Junta Kids Rodeo and Race Meet!

La Junta Kids Rodeo and Race Meet continues to promote cowboy tradition in the Arkansas Valley and surrounding areas of Southeastern Colorado. Our once-a-year rodeo draws participants from Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico and sometimes as far away as California.

Our rodeo helps the young cowhands hone their rodeo and competitive skills. Many of our participants have entered high school and college rodeo teams and have even competed at National Finals Rodeos in Las Vegas!

On August 1 thru August 4, 2019, we will host our 82nd La Junta Kids Rodeo and Race Meet. We welcome all participants and encourage sponsors to join in our support of the young performers. La Junta Kids Rodeo is designated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so that any sponsor contributions are tax deductible.

See y’all in August!