All Contestants will be judged on horsemanship, showmanship and appearance.  There will be three age divisions. Tiny Tots (6-9), Juniors (10-13), and Seniors (14-17).  A Queen and two attendants will be chosen from the Senior division.  A Princess and two attendants will be chosen from the Junior division, and a Princess and two attendants will be chosen from the Tiny Tot division.

The interview portion of the contest will be held at the Valley Cowboy Church on Thursday evening beginning at 5:30 pm (contestants need to check-in by 5:00). The order of the competition will be Seniors, Juniors and Tiny Tots will be the last to model and answer an impromptu question. The order of introduction within each division will be selected by draw. All candidates must be at the church a half hour before the start time. Contestants must be in western attire (See rule #2 below).

The horsemanship portion of the contest will be held at the Kid’s Rodeo Grounds at a time announced by the committee. Order of competition will be Tiny Tot, Junior, and the Senior group will be the last to ride.  The order in each group will be the same as the interview portion.  Western attire is required (See Rule 1 below).

Following the horsemanship portion, the winners will be announced.  The Queen and her court will have a list of required activities, along with being in the Grand Entry of each performance of the rodeo, for the year of their reign.  Non-local winners must see the Queen Coordinator before the end of the rodeo for an alternate list of activities.

The Queen/Princess Contest Committee reserves the right to make any changes in the format of this contest with approval of the La Junta Kid’s Rodeo, Inc. board.  Any such changes will be announced during the contest or will be provided in writing to the contestants.


  1. Horsemanship:  Contestants must compete in western attire, which will consist of : Long sleeved shirt (collar optional)and pants, hat and boots (spurs optional).
  2. Interview: Contestants must compete in western attire, which will consist of long sleeved shirt (collar optional) and skirt or pants, hat and boots.
  3. Must use western equipment. Using a tie down will not penalize the contestant.
  4. The Queen and her court must appear in all three Grand Entries for introduction. They must also be present for the awards ceremony to hand out awards. (Must be in Queen attire).
  5. Only contestants of single status with no children are eligible to compete. If they become pregnant during their reign they will loose their title and forfeit their prizes.
    • a. Contestants may not hold any other title during their rein as La Junta Kid’s Rodeo Royalty, if they choose to do so they will forfeit their title and have to return the prizes.
    • b. Contestant will be held accountable for their actions during their reign. The La Junta Kid’s Rodeo Queen Committee reserves the right to take any deemed action deemed necessary for breaking contest rules.
  6. Contestants shall not receive any outside assistance during the competition. Once a contestant enters the arena, she must complete the required pattern without any assistance. A broken pattern will result in an automatic 25 points or less from each of the judges.  There will be no re-rides. The Queen Committee will select the pattern to be ridden by the contestant.
  7. Former Kid’s Rodeo Queen or Princesses will be eligible to compete again for this honor in the age division the title was won after 1 year.
  8. Contestants must enter and participate in one arena or track point event in the rodeo to be eligible for the Queen & Princess Contest.
  9. Senior contestants must use split reins and will be asked to dismount.
  10. Junior and Tiny Tot contestants may use either split or roping reins.
  11. Judges decision is final


  1. Improper mounting and dismounting.
  2. Holding rein with free hand.
  3. Losing stirrup.
  4. Any unnecessary jerking, spurring, etc.
  5. Two hands on reins.


  1. Breaking gate.
  2. Bouncing or sideways stop.
  3. Stumbling.
  4. Refusing to back.
  5. Failure to change leads.
  6. Broken pattern.